Real Time IT Asset Stock Reporting

Real-Time Stock Status Reporting

Immediate stock status and complete life-cycle history

IT Repair

In-House Repair & Refurbishment

Cost-effective, efficient repairs extending device lifespan

IT Storage Pallet Capacity

1200 Pallet Storage Capacity

PCI compliant, flexible storage solutions

IT Triage

Comprehensive Triage Process

Rapid device diagnosis reducing cost and resolution time

Reduce IT Waste

Reduce IT Waste

Reduce cost and environmental impact

Proactive Stock Management

Proactive Stock Management

Proactively managed support loop stock

Rapid Fulfilment

Rapid Fulfilment

Enhance your customers experience

Fully Secure IT Asset Management

Fully Secure IT Asset Management

Peace of mind your assets are safe

Logistics & Storage

Our 1200-pallet capacity warehouse has been designed specifically for IT equipment storage and includes dedicated PCI-compliant secure caging. All of your equipment is fully insured and secure when in our care.

Warehouse stock levels are monitored live to deliver immediate support stock replenishment and real-time project and support stock tracking.

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IT repair triage


All returned equipment is triaged to assess its condition and status prior to:

  • Warranty return
  • Repair
  • Refurbishment
  • Beyond Economical Repair (BER)

BER equipment is either sold or disposed of under Waste Electric and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Regulations 2013, or dismantled for parts to be used in the repair cycle.

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IT repair IT refurbishment

Repair & Refurbishment

nGeneration's in-house repair service speeds up the repair cycle, offering a cost-effective solution reducing BER volumes, maximising your IT investment's efficiency and reducing further capital investment.

Our large, cutting-edge repair and refurbishment facility is fully equipped, including fully electrostatic discharge (ESD) workstations, air benches and ultrasonic cleaning stations. We are certified to repair a wide range of IT equipment.

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Support Loop Stock Replenishment

nGeneration's systems identify and maintain optimum support loop stock levels based on replenishment lead times, meantime between failure (MTBF), repair cycle, and BER percentages, removing the risk of impact to your business from the shortage of spares.

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nGeneration offers fast, reliable fulfilment, accurately picking, packing and dispatching orders to your customers. Our dedicated fulfilment team can also manage your returns process. We provide fulfilment solutions for direct-to-customer and business-to-business orders.

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IT Asset Management Testimonials

RecoverFit Asset Management
RecoverFit Asset Management
nGeneration is the perfect partner for RecoverFit to store, pick, pack and dispatch our online orders to UK and international customers. The warehousing facilities are excellent, and the team have done a fantastic job ensuring our customers receive a great service. Their repair and refurbishment centre has been ideal for reducing the turnaround and cost of our item repairs.
Ryan Samuel
Managing Director - RecoverFit

We work in partnership with RecoverFit to provide Warehousing, Logistics and Repair services

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Let us take control of your IT assets.

From storage and repair to distribution, tracking and reporting, we give you complete control of your asset lifecycle.

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